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Faculty of Education

Guidance and Psychological Counseling

Guidance and Psychological Counseling

MEF University Guidance and Psychological Counseling Program aims to raise forward-looking, continuously self-improving, technologically advanced, creative, qualified psychological counselors, with advanced research competencies, who will shape the next 100 years. Psychological counseling is a type of professional helping that supports individual, social, emotional, educational, and professional areas of development as well as help individuals cope with related issues. This professional support entails individuals gaining self-awareness, maintaining healthy and balanced relationships, and using their resources at the utmost level.
MEF University Guidance and Psychological Counseling Program’s medium of education is 100% English. Newly admitted students will enter the Preparatory English Language Program, which typically is for one academic year. The undergraduate program is for four academic years, excluding the preparatory class. Any type education and learning activity will be organized by the “learning by doing and living” principle embraced by the University within School Model. We aim our students to gain the academic and practitioner skills at the utmost level by the internships they will experience at schools and other public or private institutions, and their roles in research projects.

Our graduates could take on roles in public or private institutions of education, social work, health, justice, and the industry. They could primarily work as psychological counselors at schools and guidance and research centers affiliated with the Ministry of Education or private institutions of education; as well as psychological counselors affiliated with the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, the General Management of Social Work and Child Protection Agency or the private sector. The graduates of the Guidance and Psychological Counseling Undergraduate Program could also continue graduate studies in the field and advance to become faculty members in institutions of higher education.
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